We scale industrial data into powerful decision tools

We capture, structure, visualise and integrate your data to make decisions faster and more accurately

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What we do

We translate your data into readable actions so you can make predictable decisions.

Capturing Data

We are able to capture data from any machine, PLC or other system in your architecture. Capturing this data in one place enables you to build a strong foundation for building a strong data driven future.

Structuring Data

Structuring data is one of the most underestimated tasks in an enterprise. However, when done right, the gains are immense. Making sure the whole organisation understands what is happening on the shopfloor helps the entire company move forward.

Visualising data

Having the data is one thing, using it to move forward is another. We build and provide visuals with high understanding of the process, so that operators, engineers and management can all use the same data to make their decisions better and faster, all based on realtime data.

Integrating Data

Data can not only be for visualising. We need data to automate business processes and communicate with all systems in the company. We use open technologies to communicate across the whole enterprise.

Tools & Software

We use the best tools out there to build the best factories. Discover why our tools are so great.


Controll & data-visualisation

Ignition is an open, scalable, universal platform that offers unlimitied licensing and instant web-based deployment – the perfect SCADA software solution

Timescale DB

Time-series database

TimescaleDB is a time-series SQL database providing fast analytics, scalability, with automated data management on a proven storage engine

Canary Labs

Data historian

Canary is the data historian that never cuts corners. IIoT data collection, site process historian, enterprise historian, and cloud solutions in one


Data Movement

HiveMQ's MQTT broker makes it easy to move data to and from connected devices in an efficient, fast and reliable manner


Time Series Platform

The Time Series Data Platform where developers build IoT, analytics, and cloud applications.


Analytics & Monitoring Solution

Grafana is a multi-platform open source analytics and interactive visualization web application.

Why Mustry

Grow in revenue with data and know-how

Wasting has never been more expensive. Wasting energy, wasting raw materials or wasting peoples time are all things companies try to avoid. All companies try to waste as little as possible, to create more value for their customer. But how do you keep waste low and profits high? We believe it all starts with knowledge and insights. It is only possible to correct issues when we have identified what these issues are.

"My goal is to contribute building the best factories in the country and in the world. By doing so, businesses will thrive, while using less energy and producing less waste."

Jasper Louage

Founder Mustry Solutions

Start innovating today

adapt and overcome the challenges of change by using your data as guideline

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